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Learn to drink tea!

A little while ago I wrote about how to “learn” to drink coffee, and admitted that I didn’t originally like coffee. Some of you may have noticed that I mentioned I didn’t originally like tea, either. But...

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Recipe: Instant Dirty Chai

All right, recipe time ladies and gents! Today I’m gonna show you a little recipe I call “oops there’s no milk in the house and I let my wife take the last of the espresso”. Or, if you want a slightly...

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How to make coffeeshop drinks: Tea

Welcome to another part of an ongoing series of posts about making your own drinks at home! If you’ve been reading along so far, you may have been thinking to yourself “thanks for all the info on coffee, but...

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Review: Natural Brew Chai Cola

As someone who’s addicted to tea drinks and loves a good soda, when I spotted a bottle of Chai Cola at my local zPizza I knew I had to try it. This particular specimen is by Natural Brew, one of the many soda...

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