How Blinkie completely lost her groove

Nov 23

One thing has become abundantly clear to me as I’ve spent time staring at a blinking cursor over the past couple of months — my writing flow is pretty much gone.

I’ve been making sure to update this blog a couple times a week, but each entry just seems to be a bunch of disorganized thoughts haphazardly blathered into the text editor. There’s no hook, there’s no logical progression, there’s no flow to anything. My non-Starbucks stuff pretty much only gets traffic via pityclicks from friends, but that’s no excuse for being boring. Plus, I’m not exactly gonna get any new readers with these yawnfests.

Likewise I’ve got a monthly podcast stalled out mid-script, because I just can’t get any momentum on it. I’ve got ideas, but I just can’t get them into words on the screen. And I find myself spending much more time going “I need to write something” than actually writing.

The usual recommended cure for this sort of thing is more writing, which for obvious reasons is easier said than done. Or maybe I need to spend more time planning things out, so that when I do start making words they’re in a logical order.

Or maybe there’s just something missing somewhere that’s throwing me off. All I know is, it’s taken me forever just to write a blog entry about how I can’t write these days.

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Maybe I was bitten by a radioactive trivet.

Nov 15

As some of y’all are aware, I have an unusually high resistance to heat. I enjoy 100 degree weather. I never notice getting sunburned until I’m in lobster territory. Touching hot things only rarely leaves a mark.

I call it a superpower for a reason.

You may scoff at my hyperbole, so let me tell you a little story that happened to me today: I was making chicken for lunch. Used a potholder to take a pan out of a 400 degree oven. Upon inspection, it was clear the chicken wasn’t done so I’d need to move the pan out of the way and finish it in a skillet.

I actively thought to myself, That pan is still hot from the oven. I need a potholder.” And lo, I put a potholder on my hand and moved the pan safely like a motherfucking adult.

Not five goddamn seconds later I thought “I’d better move it over a little more” and sure enough, I grabbed the pan with my bare hand — potholder still on my other hand! — and moved it.

End result of grabbing a 400 degree pan? A brief pain and not a single mark on my hand.

Doesn’t sound like a superpower? Consider the fact that I do stupidass things like that all the time, and I still have full mobility of all ten fingers. I’ve grabbed a hot pan hard enough to hear my skin actually sizzle — didn’t even have a mark to show for it afterward. That ain’t normal, man.

My mother thinks it’s because I was born (as she loves to recount over and over) right before a historic heat wave. I’m not discounting gamma rays or ancient curses, though. Maybe an alternate universe is involved?

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Putting up posters, figuring out what the light switches do …

Nov 06

So I’m still poking around with this blog.

As you can see from the front page spam, I’ve moved most of my old Starbucks content here, so I won’t lose those sweet unmonetized search result clicks. I plan to update the content and add more, maybe drink reviews, stuff from other coffee joints, stuff like that. If I didn’t have a day job I’d totally be an obsessive coffee reviewer.

But I’m also planning to use this to replace my old LiveJournal blog, which I’ve had for roughly a hundred million years. Way better interface, much more up to date, my own domain name, not owned by The Russians … what’s not to like?

That means I face the hardest question facing any person with a keyboard and an internet: what the hell do I write? Generally I look at my life and say, “pretty much nobody but me gives a crap about any of this.” But on the other hand, the internet is made of things nobody but the writer gives a crap about*.

Let me know what you think — and by “you” I mostly mean “the friends I will pester to look at my shiny new blog”, since the non-coffee stuff hasn’t had a chance to build any real traffic. What should I write about? Does this theme look nice, or does it smell like Ikea? What does the peach symbolize in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”? Does my ass look fat in these jeans? Who does your hair? What will I do if my cat figures out he’ll never actually catch the laser dot?
* Bolted to a solid foundation of cat pictures.

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That new blog smell is back!

Nov 04

That’s right, I’ve changed everything around all over again and moved to WordPress.

I figure, LiveJournal is dying, Tumblr isn’t quite right for me, Twitter is great for random thoughts but bad for longer ones, Facebook is Facebook, Google Plus is made of tumbleweeds, b2evolution is somewhat lacking in the ease-of-use department … I have this sweet domain, I might as well use it.

Hopefully I’ll be posting more now that it’s super-easy.

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