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Learn to drink tea!

A little while ago I wrote about how to “learn” to drink coffee, and admitted that I didn’t originally like coffee. Some of you may have noticed that I mentioned I didn’t originally like tea, either. But...

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Learn to drink coffee! Part 2

Last week I talked about how to get started drinking coffee when you can’t stand the taste. Here’s part two! Okay, so you’ve found a drink you like or at least can stand. Now what? Well, now you dial down the...

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Learn to drink coffee! Part 1

Believe it or not, this is something that’s come up many times over the past decade and a half. “I want to drink coffee, but I just can’t stand the taste!” “I need caffeine, but coffee tastes...

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Misadventures in phone purchasing

I have unusual cell phone buying habits for an American. I prefer to buy phones up front, unbranded, from third-party retailers for minimal pre-installed crap. No contract obligations, no “pay it off over your next several...

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