Parrots and palms

Picture unrelated.

Okay folks, here we go again. Blinkie’s making another “I’m gonna blog again no honest for reals this time omg wtf should I dooooo” post on her honest for-reals blog.

Look, I know I’ve done this before. Like half a dozen times. But this time I’ve got a more compelling reason than usual: I need to get some of my voice away from Twitter.

I know why. You know why. It’s still the fastest way for me to share a random thought or cat picture but there’s a whole lot of NOPE swirling around that I don’t want to be part of. The problem is, it’s been my connection to so many of my friends for so long that it’s going to be hard for me to switch gears and keep any momentum at all.

So now we turn to the part of the post where I plaintively beg my readers for input. I’ve got two vital questions on the table and I’m open to opinions on them however you want to give them — comments here, Twitter, IM, carrier pigeon, alterations to the gravitational constant of the universe, whatevs.

The first question is what it always is: What kinds of things would you like me to write about? For a long time I barely maintained this blog by just posting coffee stuff, but I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Uh, so to speak. So what kinds of things would make you interested in subjecting yourself to paragraphs of my ramblings? (I’ll say it right now, politics is not an option. I tweet and retweet that shit but I’m not sabotaging my own comments sections like that.)

The second question is trickier: How do you keep up with blogs you like? The main benefit of Twitter for me is that I post my nonsense and everyone who follows me sees it the next time they check their feed. They don’t have to go anywhere new in their browser, they don’t have to install anything on their phone, etc etc. If I move to blogging properly, how do I let people know I’ve posted? Tweet a link, tumbl, pretend RSS feeds are still a thing, one of those terrible spammy email lists …?

Not gonna lie, I’m an outlier. I dunno how real people use the internet. When I was your age the it was bbses and 300 baud modems. Not everyone has the same relationship to technology that I do, so I need to understand.

Please, gimme your input. My tentative idea is to start properly blogging around the start of the new year. I need to figure myself out a roadmap or this poor thing is gonna be gathering dust again.

Side note: I’ve been typing this up on an on-screen iPad keyboard and the autocorrection has been a stream of ridiculousness. Next time I’ma remember to bring a proper keyboard.