Last Friday I posted that my local Starbucks had acquired a mysterious machine that the barista told me was a carbonation machine. Since then, a couple people have passed along more information about what the plans are for these machines.

According to @markinstlouis, his local Starbucks isn’t waiting for the 6/24 release date, but is using the machine to carbonate Refreshers. Makes me want a fizzy Valencia Orange Refresher already.

My brother, also an ex-barista, asked the baristas at his local Starbucks and learned that the carbonated drinks being introduced this week will be named “Fizzio” (not gonna lie, I’ve never been a big fan of the names the marketing department comes up with) and one available option will be root beer.

Carbonated Refreshers? Non-bottled root beer at Starbucks? It’s gonna be an interesting summer …

Update: Talked to another barista, and learned that they’ll be offering not just root beer, but ginger ale and lemonade soda too.