Quick update on the Strange Starbucks Afoots

Jun 12

Last Friday I posted that my local Starbucks had acquired a mysterious machine that the barista told me was a carbonation machine. Since then, a couple people have passed along more information about what the plans are for these machines.

According to @markinstlouis, his local Starbucks isn’t waiting for the 6/24 release date, but is using the machine to carbonate Refreshers. Makes me want a fizzy Valencia Orange Refresher already.

My brother, also an ex-barista, asked the baristas at his local Starbucks and learned that the carbonated drinks being introduced this week will be named “Fizzio” (not gonna lie, I’ve never been a big fan of the names the marketing department comes up with) and one available option will be root beer.

Carbonated Refreshers? Non-bottled root beer at Starbucks? It’s gonna be an interesting summer …

Update: Talked to another barista, and learned that they’ll be offering not just root beer, but ginger ale and lemonade soda too.

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  1. Mark Z /

    I stopped at two different Starbucks in Atlanta this past weekend (I don’t advertise when I’m on vacation until after because reasons), and they both offered to make my Refresher carbonated. On our way back, we stopped at one about an hour outside of the Atlanta area and they were weren’t using their machine yet. Both times I was offered, I had my Valencia Orange Refresher carbonated. The first was very lightly carbonated, almost to the point of not being able to tell. The second time was slightly more carbonated, but not as much as your average canned soda. I quite enjoyed both of them.