Month: May 2014

Review: Hazelnut Macchiato (Starbucks)

Last week I talked about the caramel macchiato’s younger sibling, the vanilla macchiato. Today the drink in the spotlight is another younger sibling in Starbucks’s macchiato family — the Hazelnut Macchiato....

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Recipe: Instant Dirty Chai

All right, recipe time ladies and gents! Today I’m gonna show you a little recipe I call “oops there’s no milk in the house and I let my wife take the last of the espresso”. Or, if you want a slightly...

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Drink Comparison: Latte vs Macchiato

Looking at the search terms people use to find my side gives me a pretty good idea about the puzzlements that puzzle the great wide coffee-drinking internet. Today I’ll elucidate what appears to be a common quandry among...

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Drink comparison: Misto vs Latte

While looking through the search terms that led people to my site, I noticed an interesting pattern: lots of people are searching for one drink “vs.” another drink, I assume to find out what the differences are so...

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How to make coffeeshop drinks: Tea

Welcome to another part of an ongoing series of posts about making your own drinks at home! If you’ve been reading along so far, you may have been thinking to yourself “thanks for all the info on coffee, but...

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