It’s getting to the point where I can’t buy a beverage anywhere without thinking to myself “I should take a picture and review this for my blog!” I buy a lot of drinks because let’s face it, I’m a coffee/tea addict. I can’t resist a good latte or cup of tea. So today, courtesy of my breakfast, here’s a quick review of the Green Tea Chai from Novel Cafe.

Green Tea Chai

There’s a few varieties of chai latte at Novel — I picked the green tea one because I needed a little extra zip. Green tea, being less processed than black tea, has more caffeine. And when it’s a gray, rainy sort of day, it’s nice to have a hot beverage to sip while you wait for your food.

This chai, served at a perfect temperature for drinking right away, has a very nice blend of spices. They overwhelm the flavor of the tea a little, but I generally expect that in a chai. I swear there’s a hint of mint in it — not something you usually find in chai spice blends, but it works amazingly well with the other flavors and gives it a nice refreshing finish. It’s sweet, but not as heavily sweetened as a Starbucks chai. All in all, a perfect starter for a meal … or a perfect drink to sit and sip while you watch the clouds and traffic go by.