For most people, the big drink of the holiday season is the Eggnog latte. Not me.

No, after all the time I spent listening to eggnog steaming (it’s way louder than milk) and making these drinks, and fielding questions about nonfat or soy eggnog lattes, I’m pretty much done with eggnog forever. That doesn’t mean I have to Scrooge my way through the season, though, because the return of the Eggnog Latte means the return of my true holiday drink obsession: the Gingerbread Latte.

 A normal GL is topped with whipped cream. Since I’m trying not to expand to spherical proportions over the next few months, I order it without whipped cream. And since I prefer my drinks less sweet these days, I get it with two pumps of syrup rather than four (grande) or five (venti). They still shake the nutmeg on top, though, so it retains most of its festiveness.

For an extra treat, try a gingerbread latte with one pump of Chai. The verdict on that from everyone who tries it is, “It tastes like Christmas!”

Because it does.