Taste is a subjective thing. Some people like Starbucks coffee, some don't. I'm not a connoisseur or a snob — I've drunk a lot of different brands in my life and the only kinds I don't like are super-dark roasts, robusta types, and instant (bleh).

The reason it's often called “Charbucks” is because they roast their beans longer than most coffee roasters do. This does tend to give it a darker flavor, and the really dark roasts can taste “burnt” to some people (I'm looking at you, Italian Roast). On the other hand, some people like their coffee super-dark.

If the darker roasts taste terrible to you, you can always try one of the lighter blends. Recently they introduced their “blonde” roasts, like Veranda or Willow — try one of these and see if you like it better. Most stores will brew up a fresh cup in a French Press for you if you ask, it takes just a few minutes extra.

If that still doesn't float your boat, try checking your area for local coffee roasters or coffee shops. Keep trying until you find something that works for you!